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Свежая прошивка для Ginzzu RS61D

Загрузить прошивку Cвежую прошивку для Ginzzu RS61D только виде бинарного и для всех гаджетов Операционной системой Android iOS You can also mark up text with the included stylus, jot down notes you can use the virtual keyboard or the stylusand turn pages with a swipe of a finger yes, the device is zippier than its predecessor. We also liked how you could double-tap on a word to bring up its definition in the built-in dictionary the reader keeps logs of the words you ve looked up. Here are the key specs of the Sony Reader Daily Edition PRS-950. 99 7-inch clear touch screen 600x1,024 resolution; 16-level grayscale E Ink Pearl screen Weighs 9. 5 ounces Measures 7. 8 inches by 5. 1 inches by 0. 4 inch HWD 2GB built-in memory stores around 1,200 e-books SD and Memory Stick Duo Expansion slots for adding additional memory Plays back MP3 and AAC audio files headphone jack on board Text and handwritten note-taking capabilities Two weeks of reading on a single battery charge Embedded multilingual dictionaries two English language and 10 translation dictionaries Six adjustable font sizes to customize USB 2. 0 data and power connection Micro-USB Supports PDF, Microsoft Word, and other text file formats, as well as EPUB ACS4 and connection with Adobe Digital Editions Reads JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP image files Reader Library software for PC and Mac Battery life 20,000 page turns 10 days with wireless on, 22 with it off Available in silver only. While the PRS-950 has a very similar core feature set to the PRS-650, you do get a few extras that you won t find on Sony s non-wireless models a Web browser and link to Google Books free, pre-1923 public-domain workswhich you can access directly from the device. There s also a special landscape mode that allows you to view two pages of an e-book side by side--just like a book.

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