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Прошивка Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM N910P

Загрузить прошивку Прошивку Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM N910P тюнер ресивер Eurosky и для всех гаджетов Оп. Сис. Андройд iOS Each individual NAND module is Intel branded, but the drive itself reports Micron NAND. Either way the NAND should come from the same factory as Micron and Intel jointly own the NAND foundries. ATTO Disk Benchmark. ATTO Disk Benchmark is one of the industry s most popular benchmarks for testing SSD read write speeds. This benchmarks allows read and write testing using predefined block sizes and gives us a good idea of read write speeds with different sized files. In ATTO Disk Benchmark, the OCZ Vertex 3 performs very well, similar to most SandForce based SSDs on the market. In the 1MB test, the Vertex 3 achieved 512MB s writes and an 557MB s reads. Typically, this is just what we expect from a drive of this class. Crystal Disk Mark 3. Crystal Disk Mark is another popular benchmark which allows us to measure both sequential read write speeds as well as random read write speeds.

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